2000 KM Challenge

IMG_1472Day 169
Total km: 824.3
Km remaining: 1175.7
Total pledged to date: $577.01
Pledged per km: $0.70
# of pledgers: 5

My fitness challenge for 2018 is to complete 2000 self-propelled kilometres–that is, distance travelled by walking, running, cycling, or even rowing–over the next 12 months. That works out to be an average of 5.5 km per day (166.67 km per month). This doesn’t seem like very much, and it isn’t really. But as a person who has to drive to work and has a sedentary  job, consistently getting in those kinds of kilometres has been a rarity. If anything, this challenge is motivation to get outside and get moving on a more consistent basis. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ll forego all other forms of physical activity–I will continue to dance and complete MPC workouts, likely with a particular focus on core and upper body strength since my legs will be getting a workout from all this. Throughout the year, I’ll also post mini-challenges both physical and non-physical.

As with last year’s challenge, I’m adding an extra layer of motivation for myself by pledging to donate $0.20 per kilometre (in the end, hopefully $400) to my chosen charities. 75% will be donated to Humane Canada (Canada’s federation of SPCAs and humane societies) and, in honour of MPC, 25% will be donated to Bloodwise, a blood-cancer research charity. I am encouraging anyone who is interested and/or moderately fond of me to pledge their support! Even just 2 cents per kilometre ($40 for the year) is worthwhile. I’ll be posting regular updates here and on social media as to my progress. It’s a great motivator and goes towards supporting some fantastic causes.

Random nitty gritties:

  • I’ll be keeping track of my mileage with iPhone’s Health tracker
  • Given that one can cover a fair bit of ground relatively easily on a bicycle, I’ll be halving kilometres cycled when calculating what goes towards the total (can’t make things too easy for myself!)

If you’re interested in supporting my journey, Humane Canada and Bloodwise, contact me at a.kanita.cooper[at]gmail.com!


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