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    Roaming the streets – Day 3

    Photos After a morning of work (and heartily berating myself for not having completed the work before I left), I set out for a little exploring. David was off at CUNY, soaking in his fair share of syntactic processingy goodness. I thought I’d check out the Greenwich Village first, as I’d heard it was a good shopping neighbourhood. However, not checking my subway map closely enough meant that I ended up on an express train bound for the Brooklyn Bridge.

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    SoHo – Day 2

    David and I spent a tragic amount of the beautiful, warm, perfect-for-romping-about-New-York morning plugging away on final papers. Not able to bear the thought of spending all day in my hotel room, I skipped out to check-out SoHo, while David headed off to the first day of the CUNY conference.

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    Communing with NY books – Day 1

    Photos A 3 am cab ride is not generally how I like to start my mornings…a 3 am cab ride to catch a plane to New York, however, does improve things somewhat. I hadn’t realized that airports aren’t really open through the night, and so we actually arrived there before the TSA agents. So despite being at the airport at an obscenely early hour, we still had to wait in line until they opened security.

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    Salt Spring Island getaway

    David and I came to the rather dismaying conclusion that we wouldn’t be doing hardly any traveling together this year. After the jam-packed travel schedule of 2010, this was a little disappointing. So, in honour of David’s 30th birthday, coupled with our desire to take at least one romantic getaway this year, we decided to head over to Salt Spring Island, one of B.C.’s Gulf Islands that we’d never visited.

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    A restful sojourn into wine country

    Napa, California So 4:30 in the morning isn’t really so bad, particularly if it means being reunited with one’s fiancé after a prolonged time apart. The parents were kind enough to drive me down to Bellingham Airport to fly down to Oakland on Allegiant Airlines (thanks Kyle for the recommendation). The airport is hilariously small, but it thankfully had ample seating, which is all one really needs at 5am when waiting for one’s flight. We were soon ushered across the…

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    blackberry icecream…good..

    Today was spent largely being lazy…packing up baggage and changing rooms. After dropping off our bags, we ventured over to Dillon’s new work at Little T’s American Baker, a neat modernistic bakery (lots of stainless steel/wood/clean lines). Tasty croissants. Checked out the Portland Art Museum…two pretty buildings connected by an underground art gallery…with D and Spencer. There was the thought that there’d be a Dali exhibit on, which would’ve been great because I make a point of visiting Dali shows…