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    A food tour of Gothenburg – Day 10

    Photos It was a gloriously sunny day for our only full day in Gothenburg. I had heard that it was a great food city, so we thought we’d spend the day on a relaxing culinary tour. First stop, of course, was coffee. While we had stopped at Da Matteo the previous afternoon, they have 2 locations, and D wanted to check out the roaster location. Hilariously enough, it was right across the square from the other location.

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    Train hopping to Gothenburg – Day 9

    The overnight train ride was about 7 hours long, though I had somewhat of a restless night. It took me a fair while to fall asleep. We arrived at Oslo Central Station at around 6 am and had about an hour to grab a bite to eat before our next train. It wasn’t long before we were boarding a regional train, actually bound for Stockholm (which was at first a bit confusing to be going back the way we came),…

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    Island hopping in Stockholm – Day 3

    Photos It was another leisurely start for us, perhaps the lingering aftereffects of our hefty meal last night, though D was able to put in a bit of work before we left for the day. We had planned to go to the National Museum; however, a quick check of their website determined that they had closed for extensive renovations (I think within the last couple of weeks) and wouldn’t re-open until 2017, though they would have a temporary exhibition somewhere…

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    Holy Swedish meatballs! – Day 2

    Photos I thought that we’d gotten off to a nice early start when D and I both woke up around 7 am. We puttered around for a bit, but it wasn’t long before a quick “closing of the eyes” turned into a couple of hours. As a result, it wasn’t until 11 am until we got ourselves out the door. Apparently, Scandinavia is wild about great coffee, and as such, there are a number of boutique coffee roasters and coffee…