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    Top 5 Trips

    Five years ago today, I walked down the aisle and caught the eye of a handsome young man, and we agreed that spending our lives together, traveling, eating and laughing, was an awesome idea. In honour of our 5-year wedding anniversary, here is the first in a series of Top 5s, starting with our favourite trips, in reverse order of awesomeness. Traveling is extremely important to us (we were appalled a couple of years ago, when we discovered that David’s passport had expired without…

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    Chicago Bucket List

    As PhD students, the impending deadline for our dissertations and the steady passage of time loom large in our consciousness. As my fourth year nears its end, I am keenly aware of the fact that I have (hopefully) just one year left. While that fact is distressing/exhilarating on a number of levels, it also means I likely have only one year left living in Chicago. I feel like we have had the opportunity to eat and drink at some wonderful establishments and the…

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    Music: Dinnertime Melodies

    One of the oft forgotten elements of hosting a dinner party is the music. So much time and energy is focused on the food and drink and setting the table just right (and rightly so), making it so easy to forget that music truly sets the scene and tone for your guests. The first time that I really had to think about this was 5 years ago when planning my wedding. Much time went was spent looking for interesting and appropriate…

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    Bright side of 30

    Today, I mark the passing of three decades and with that comes a certain amount of trepidation and introspection. As you approach the twilight of your twenties, I think it’s a safe bet that many people feel a real sense of inadequacy for the myriad of life goals yet to be achieved—Do I have a ‘real’ job? Do I have a house? Or a baby (if that’s something you’re striving for)? There is, of course, not only what has or has not yet…

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    Quarter century gone by

    As my 25th year draws to a close, with a couple short weeks until my next anniversaire, I feel compelled to take stock of the past year and all its adventure. I realize most people have this moment of nostalgia around New Year’s, but for me, such reminiscence is stirred by my encroaching birthday. Since I was a kid, I have always felt the need to be older…perhaps believing that I could skip the awkward, gawky faze of adolescence right…

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    And so, after a lovely sojourn in Japan, one must must inevitably face reality and head back to the “real world”. While it is nice to be back in Vancouver, treated to some quintessentially beautiful fall days, I rather fear that such things are somewhat wasted on me. 10 days into my stay here, and I haven’t forayed much farther than the lab at SFU or the confines of my bedroom. The dreaded GRE looms–terrifyingly 10 days away–and I’ve been…

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    home is where the mess is

    So after a couple months of traveling (Portland > Vancouver > Bangkok > Vancouver > Portland), we’ve finally come home…to stay, hopefully, for more than a week. For some reason, upon arrival in our much-missed apartment, I was overcome with the urge to conduct a better-late-than-never spring cleaning. In theory, it may have been motivated by the need to put away a new lot of recently purchased clothes, but I think I’ve been meaning to reorganize our room for some…

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    Fiddling with stickies

    So I’ve finally jumped on the blog-bandwagon in lieu of actually putting together a proper personal website, more due to sloth than anything else. I’m still working out the kinks…a trifle odd (and perhaps a bit unsettling) to be relinquishing so much coding control, but it is theoretically simpler in the long run. I’ll hopefully be keeping the blog relatively up-to-date with tales of my ever-so-action-packed adventures through grad school and the like.