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    Top 5 Home-cooked Meals

    There are a lot of reasons why I love my husband, and his superb culinary abilities are certainly high on that list. I credit him with expanding my gastronomical horizons and inspiring me to try my hand at baking. When we moved to Chicago, I started Gastronomical Wayfaring as a way of keeping track  of and sharing the recipes we’ve tried and enjoyed. In honour of David’s birthday today, I thought I’d consider the Top 5 best home-cooked meals he’s ever made. Click through on the…

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    Top 5 Dining Experiences

    We love to eat. As such, we’ve had our fair share of great food around the world. For us, it often isn’t only about the food– a confluence of factors conspire to make a dining experience truly great. Excellent food quality is, of course, paramount, but sharp service, a welcoming atmosphere, and even the aesthetics of the space are hugely important to us. Indeed, two of David’s all-time best meals (just based on food stuffs alone) didn’t even make the list because the rest…

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    Top 5 Trips

    Five years ago today, I walked down the aisle and caught the eye of a handsome young man, and we agreed that spending our lives together, traveling, eating and laughing, was an awesome idea. In honour of our 5-year wedding anniversary, here is the first in a series of Top 5s, starting with our favourite trips, in reverse order of awesomeness. Traveling is extremely important to us (we were appalled a couple of years ago, when we discovered that David’s passport had expired without…

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    A smorgasbord of smorrebrod and Renaissance delights – Day 12

    Photos We were delighted to discover wifi had been restored at some point during the night, and so I hurriedly searched the internet and finalized our meal plans for the day (in case we lost it again). Continuing our coffee tour of Scandinavia, we set out to visit Coffee Collective, a local Copenhagen roastery, in glorious sunshine. We walked up to the Christianshavn metro station, which was two escalators deep underground, and popped over two stops. We emerged and attempted…

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    A food tour of Gothenburg – Day 10

    Photos It was a gloriously sunny day for our only full day in Gothenburg. I had heard that it was a great food city, so we thought we’d spend the day on a relaxing culinary tour. First stop, of course, was coffee. While we had stopped at Da Matteo the previous afternoon, they have 2 locations, and D wanted to check out the roaster location. Hilariously enough, it was right across the square from the other location.

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    Quarter century gone by

    As my 25th year draws to a close, with a couple short weeks until my next anniversaire, I feel compelled to take stock of the past year and all its adventure. I realize most people have this moment of nostalgia around New Year’s, but for me, such reminiscence is stirred by my encroaching birthday. Since I was a kid, I have always felt the need to be older…perhaps believing that I could skip the awkward, gawky faze of adolescence right…

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    Gastronomical adventures in Paris – Day 21

    Photos Our room at Hotel du Nord was much the same as the room we had the last time we stayed there—that is to say, small, sparsely-furnished and functional. It did, thankfully, have a fan, which we kept blasting at us for most of the night. We awoke and got ourselves ready for our only really full day in Paris (as many things would be closed for the holiday). We headed downstairs to a nearby boulangerie to pick up our…

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    The mother of all chateaux (Chambord) – Day 19

    Photos D and I had gone to bed the previous evening specifically looking to get an early start; thus, we were up and having breakfast before 9 am. I desperately wanted to avoid major crowds at our final chateau, so I was determined to get there before 10 am. We largely kept to schedule and were soon cruising towards Chateau de Chambord. It wasn’t long before we entered the Parc du Chambord, apparently the largest enclosed game reserve in France…

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    Garden of Eden – Day 17

    Photos It was still raining when we awoke, which dampened our enthusiasm slightly, as we had hoped to hit a few more chateaux. But we headed down to the breakfast area and munched on a few croissants to get us started. We packed up our stuff, including a bunch of our laundry that our hostess kindly did for us. D went and brought the car around front, and despite a morning of rain, it actually stopped raining while we loaded…