Outfit: Market Day









Photos: David Potter

Outfit details:
Anthropologie blouse (old)
Club Monaco skirt (old)
Vince Camuto sunglasses
Ted Baker flats
Moonlight for Violet earrings

Nothing like a gorgeous, hot day to kick off the summer! What better way to spend it than walking around the local Glenwood Sunday Market and the surrounding streets (we picked up a dozen duck eggs, which will make some seriously delicious breakfasts). The area around Morse in Chicago is definitely one of our favourite neighbourhoods nearby, not only because it is home to the dance studio that I’m involved with but also because it’s a fun little spot filled with many of my favourite things, such as colourful murals, tasty food and a few welcoming watering holes. This breezy little skirt from Club Monaco has been a summer staple of mine for several years. I like to pair skirts like this with a “simple” white top, one that has just a little bit of flair. In this case, I just love the texture of this Anthropologie top, plus I feel it mirrors the floral pattern in the skirt. I spotted these Ted Baker flats on ASOS and loved that they were actually rubber (makes getting caught in a summer rainstorm less of a problem when your shoes are waterproof!).

Outfit: Summer lanes










Photos: David Potter

Outfit details:
Anthropologie blouse (old)
Old Navy shorts
Kate Spade sneakers (old)
Betsey Johnson sunglasses
earrings from Presents of Mind (Portland, OR)

Shorts can be tricky business–finding the right length, the right cut and, of course, finding a suitable top. I’m always amused when people think that wearing a dress is so “fancy” and “dressed-up”; it takes less work to throw on a dress (it’s all one piece! Very few decisions!). Because I don’t wear shorts very often, I usually play it safe (basic black, khaki or denim) and then pair them with a fun blouse. I particulalry love the print of this Anthropologie blouse. It looks like an old-fashioned illustration, like something out of an old botany textbook. It is, however, quite voluminous. Something I’ve learned over the last couple years is not be afraid of billowing blouses–I tended to avoid them, as they can enlargen areas you’d rather appear petite–but tucking things in, either into a skirt or shorts, can completely turn a piece around. Pairing it with a slimmer cut bottom achieves a nice balance.

Outfit: Croquet in the Park








Photos: David Potter

Outfit details:
Anthropologie romper
Anthropologie earrings
Keds for Kate Spade sneakers (similar)
Kate Spade sunglasses (similar)

Rompers and jumpsuits have been making the rounds of late, and I admit I was a bit dubious about this latest trend. Running around in a onesie like a little kid seemed a bit ridiculous. However, after trying one on, I discovered that they are, perhaps unsurprisingly, wonderfully comfortable and roomy. While I am a dress fanatic, it is nice to not have to worry about one’s skirt flying up (particularly in Chicago’s windy weather). I was particularly drawn to this Anthropologie romper because of its fun pattern and detailing. I also adore its open back, giving it some much needed ventilation for those hot summer days. Perfect for an outing in the park for a little croquet! It is such a fun, delightfully old-fashioned game to play on a warm summer afternoon, and a lot more fun than just laying out on a beach towel and baking. I also quite love these little Keds for Kate Spade sneakers made of cork of all things, which I feel gives them a unique edge over more traditional sneakers.

Outfit: Loop Walk







Photos: David Potter

Outfit details:
Sheinside dress
Club Monaco belt (old)
Sam Edelman flats
Fossil purse (old)
Kate Spade sunglasses (similar)

To celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary, David and I got reservations at Girl & the Goat, a famed Chicago restaurant known for their intriguing, unusual dishes. Since it was such a warm, gorgeous day, we decided to walk from River North down through the Loop and out west to the restaurant. For the occasion, I tried out a new  Sheinside dress, a fun, colourful piece with a high-low hemline and paired it with an old Club Monaco belt, for an extra punch of colour (and more of a defined waist, which can often get lost with a busy print). I would normally be leery of buying a dress like this at the kinds of prices I would normally spend on a dress, but that’s the great thing about some of these cheaper, online retailers. I  have no qualms about spending $30 on a quirky little piece like this. Paired with a pair of comfortable Sam Edelman flats (these truly are some of the most comfortable flats I’ve ever owned), we had a lovely time exploring the Loop. We even got the chance to see parts of the newly re-opened river walk (on my Chicago bucket list!).

Outfit: Sunken Garden









Outfit details:
Zara dress
Sheinside bracelet
Anthropologie earrings
Melissa flats

It was a warm, gorgeous day for David and my Thai wedding anniversary, so dressing up for the occasion seemed warranted. Zara actually has quite a few fun pieces right now that won’t break the bank (as much as other places I enjoy shopping at). I normally gravitate towards full, A-line dresses, but the neckline and print of this shift won me over. A little anniversary festivity in the form of sparkly flats, and we were good to go! I could easily see ramping up the formality of this dress by throwing on a pair of pumps for a nice dinner out. We had a lovely afternoon walking around Northwestern’s campus and stumbled across this beautiful sunken garden right next to Deering Library, filled with ferns, overgrown paths and a wrought-iron fence.

Fashion: Thai colors of the day

Today is our 6th Thai wedding anniversary and would have been my grandmother’s 100th birthday. To celebrate my Thai heritage, a post on Thai colour theory! One of the interesting facets of Thai culture is its connection to Hindu mythology. Each day of the week has a different Hindu god protecting it (Navagraha), and each god is associated with a particular colour. As a result, Thais consider the color associated with each Hindu god to be lucky to wear on their day of the week. This is particularly true for the day one is born (for instance, the Thai king was born on a Monday and so his birthday festivities always involve yellow). So if you’re having trouble finding something to wear one day, think of the day’s lucky colour to help guide your choices (every little bit of luck helps)! Here is a bit of inspiration in the form of covet lists inspired by the Thai  colours of the day.


yellow display

1 Sheinside dress | 2 Zara dress | 3 Zara blouse | 4 Anthropologie tank | 5 ASOS skirt

pink display


1 Anthropologie blouse | 2 Kate Spade flats | 3 ASOS sunglasses | 4 Dooney & Bourke purse | 5 Modcloth dress

green display

1 Modcloth purse | 2 ASOS heels | 3 Eliza J dress | 4 Anthropologie romper

orange display

1 Anthropologie blouse | 2 Massimo Dutti blouse | 3 Natasha Couture clutch | 4 Free People dress

blue display

1 Modcloth wedges | 2 Zara blouse | 3 Modcloth dress | 4 Anthropologie blouse | 5 Modcloth blouse

purple display


1 Shabby Apple skirt | 2 ASOS hat | 3 Massimo Dutti shirt | 4 ASOS dress | 5 ASOS trench coat


1 Modcloth purse | 2 Modcloth skirt | 3 Shabby Apple skirt | 4 Zara halter top


Outfit: Rogers Park Wanderings












Photos: David Potter

Outfit details:
old Anthropologie blouse (similar)
Sheinside skirt
old Anthropologie belt
old Modcloth heels (similar)
Sheinside bracelet
Modcloth necklace

It was such a gorgeous day kicking off our Memorial Day Weekend, that we couldn’t help but take a wander through the neighbourhood. It wasn’t quite hot yet, so this outfit was the perfect balance of being covered enough to keep me warm and light and airy enough to keep me ventilated. I love a full-skirt, and this is the first of several items I received from Sheinside, a Chinese online retailer that I tried out for the first time. Their products had come up on several other blogs I follow, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I had been a bit dubious, given their extremely cheap prices and entertaining grammatically illicit descriptions. But as long as you’re OK with fairly sluggish delivery, all of my items arrived and actually fit me. With a longer-lengthed skirt, I tend to pair them with a bit of a heel to avoid looking to truncated. I also thought, given the overall light colour palette, that a few pops of colour, in the belt and necklace, would give it a bit of punch.

Outfit: Flowers in the city









Photos: David Potter

Outfit details:
old Anthropologie blouse
old Anthropologie skirt
Kate Spade purse (similar)
Anthropologie earrings
Vince Camuto sunglasses
old Seychelles heels (similar)
old Anthropologie cardigan

I’m a little obsessed with the mixed print combination of floral and stripes, as evidenced by another floral-striped number. I really adore this outfit, which I’ve dressed up here with heels (as we were off to an art show), but I normally wear with just a pair of flats. As much as I’d love to, I don’t normally wear a lot of button-up blouses, because they more often than not don’t fit right across the bust (strained buttons, etc). What I love about this blouse (and blouses of this style) is the strip of fabric along the buttons not only provides a fabulous pop of colour but also hides all manner of sins when it comes to any button mishaps. I always try to keep an eye out for button-ups of this style.

Outfit: Ruffled calm










Photos: David Potter

Outfit details:
old Land’s End Canvas blazer (similar)
Gap shorts
old Anthropologie tank
old Aldo wedges (similar)
ASOS flower clips
bird necklace (bought in Portland)

It should be evident from my outfit posts that I’m not a shorts person. I always feel much more myself in a skirt or dress, and a lot more self-conscious in shorts, so I tend to avoid them. As a result, I am much more selective about the shorts I buy, and finding just the right length and cut is a challenge. These Gap shorts I found last year are probably my favorite pair. They move nicely and are, I think, a flattering length. I was happy to haul them out of storage with the recent hot and humid weather.

I love finding interesting twists on classic staples, such as a plain white tank. A white tank would have been lovely here, but why not something with a bit of a ruffle (as in this Anthropologie tank) or perhaps a touch of lace or embroidery. I always try to keep an eye out for pieces that may have a very everyday cut but are elevated by something a bit different.

Outfit: Flowers and stripes










Photos: David Potter

Outfit details:
Corey Lynn Calter dress (via Anthropologie)
Melissa flats
Kate Spade sunglasses (similar)
old Anthropologie earrings

My request for warmer temperatures was answered! Over the weekend, Chicago basked in downright summer-like weather, so I was stoked to be able to take this lovely outfit for a stroll with nary a sweater or jacket in sight. I’ve been eyeing this Anthropologie dress for some time now, as I just love the combination of graphic stripes softened with touches of floral patterns. This is definitely a pairing I could see re-creating beyond this dress (a striped skirt with a bold floral blouse, for example). I discovered these ballet flats while poking around on Shopbop, an online retailer selling designer fashions. It’s mostly out of my price point, but there can be some reasonable deals (plus it’s owned by Amazon, so as an Amazon Prime member we get free 2-day shipping, which is nice). As a dancer, I loved that they looked like pointe shoes, without the pain, and the ribbons come out quite easily, so they can be converted into regular sparkly flats without much fuss.