My name is Angela Cooper. I’m Canadian, born in Vancouver but now living in Toronto by way of Chicago, after getting my doctorate in Linguistics. I live with my handsome dog, Gizmo, and perpetually seek out beauty in my life—from a light-as-air lemon soufflé or rugged snow-capped mountains rising above a fjord in Norway to a brightly-coloured A-line dress printed with butterflies. This site is a place for me to share the beauty that I’ve found and been been inspired by, whether it be in fashion, in my home or my travels, in the hopes that it will inspire you!

I started leaving sanity back in 2007, primarily as a travel blog so my family could keep up with me as I travelled alone around Thailand and Japan. In 2015, I decided to expand its scope to include other aspects of my life that I enjoy, including fashion and beauty. It’s funny to think about how much I’ve evolved since I was a kid in terms of my style. I’m sure most everyone goes through an awkward, gangly phase, where they might look back and laugh at the silly leg warmers or extravagant eye shadow choices they made, but I felt like mine lasted longer than most.

I was an acne-ridden, bushy-eyebrowed extravaganza, who, for a while there, would not wear any colour (black, white and grey only) and refused to wear make-up (unless I was on stage). This always makes me laugh when I consider that, by the end of high school, I’d enrolled at the Blanche Macdonald Centre in their Make-up Program. I originally planned to work in film and television as a make-up artist, a career which ultimately fell to the wayside after I started my Bachelor’s degree. But I very much appreciate the world that studying make-up artistry opened up to me—I loved the idea that I could enhance the beauty in each person’s face. It’s always there, sometimes blatantly staring you in the face and other times needing to be coaxed out.

Finding beauty in my life is something I’ve taken to heart. Some might find it funny, particularly as an academic, that you would take the time to put on a dress and make-up just to go to campus (when research can be conducted just fine in comfy jeans and a sweatshirt). But for me, it’s like a putting on a suit of armour—makes me feel like I’m ready to take on the world.

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