Outfit: Hats Entertainment!










Photos: David Potter

Outfit details:
Anthropologie blouse, shorts and earrings
Kaanas shoes
Hat from Lincoln Park Zoo

With summer weather finally hitting its stride, a sweet pair of shorts and a colourful, print blouse are just the ticket. My love-hate relationship with shorts was somewhat ameliorated by these fun, textured shorts from Anthropologie (particularly because they were on sale!). White shorts are always so tricky, in that they’re often so thin as to be basically translucent, so I particularly appreciated the heavier fabric of these.

I do love hats but had never really gotten into summer hats, always feeling more comfortable with a good ol’ felt cloche hat or something like that. This summer I resolved to change that, and I apparently thought that I’d start while at the zoo. On a fun day trip with a friend, while perusing the gift shop, I (rather jokingly) put on this big hat. We both found it to be completely fun and just a little bit ridiculous. It does add a touch of glamour–a throwback to a different time. Though David does like to make fun of its considerable circumference (“I was taken aboard that hat!”).

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