Music: Dinnertime Melodies

One of the oft forgotten elements of hosting a dinner party is the music. So much time and energy is focused on the food and drink and setting the table just right (and rightly so), making it so easy to forget that music truly sets the scene and tone for your guests. The first time that I really had to think about this was 5 years ago when planning my wedding. Much time went was spent looking for interesting and appropriate songs to set the mood at dinner. I looked for music that was pleasant, easy to talk over but still interesting if you wanted to just sit and listen. Thankfully my efforts paid off, as I actually had a guest compliment me on how much he loved the dinner music. It has since become a go-to playlist for us for smaller scale dinner parties we’ve hosted, and I continue to enjoy listening to this mix 5 years later. Here is a portion of that playlist for your listening pleasure.

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