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Travel Beauty Supplies2

With only a few days to go until our trip to Quebec, I’ve already started working on my packing list (full disclosure: it’s a multi-columned, multiple-sheet Excel file. I’m a grad student, what do you expect?). I’m going to make it clear right off the bat that I do not subscribe to the “packing light” philosophy. Unless I’m backpacking where I’ll really feel every extra pound of weight, which I haven’t done since before I met my husband, I pack to be comfortable. I don’t see any reason not to pack what I want to bring! There are of course reasonable limits on how much you can bring (I am not someone who brings 2 checked bags and a full-sized carry-on). But I like to give myself at least a couple of options, particularly if I’m traveling for more than a weekend trip. This applies not only to clothing but also to beauty products. Travel Beauty Supplies1

On this trip, I’m packing:

Along with tweezers, nail clippers, tooth paste and cotton pads (as well as various feminine items and sundries that are not pictured here). I also tend to throw a lipgloss or two in my carry-on. It is a lot of stuff, but it does all neatly fit into my travel case!

Travel Beauty Supplies3

Travel Beauty Supplies4

I’m quite enamoured with my travel case by Kloset Etcetera, which I picked up on my most recent trip to Thailand. It’s cheerful and bright and happily holds all of what I need. Everyone is different in what they need to bring along with them when traveling. I’m at my most comfortable when I’ve got my favourite beauty products at hand, but you could certainly travel with a lot less. I’m of the philosophy to not pack just the bare minimum to get by but to pack enough to make you happy and comfortable.

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