Beauty: Liner Dancing

As you saw in last week’s beauty post, part of my everyday make-up routine involves lining the eyes. I always feel like my eyes look too small without it. There are, of course, a multitude of different ways you can line your eyes, and today I’m going to touch on 3 ways to line eyes using eye shadow.

Black wet shadow

1. Wet eye shadow liner: I’m not a huge fan of liquid liners–I tend to find them difficult to use, and they can often look quite severe. My go-to liner method is wetting an angled brush and dipping it in pressed eye shadow powder. With short strokes, I work the brush along the lash line, starting from the middle and working  to the outer corner and then going from the inner corner and connecting the two lines. I will often wing out the shadow from the outer corner for a very subtle cat eye effect. I will also often just lightly line the outer corner of the bottom lash line.

Black dry shadow

2. Dry eye shadow liner: The alternative to wetting the brush is, of course, leaving it dry. Here, I’ve gone for a slightly smokier look. I first start by layering on the eye shadow with an angled brush along the lash line so it’s suitably pigmented. I’ll then usually soften the edges by going along the edge with shadow using broader strokes. Here, I’ve also lined along the lower lash line with dry shadow to give it a  slightly bolder look.

Purple liner

3. Colour shadow liner: The fun thing about using eye shadow as a liner is that you then potentially have a multitude of fun colours to potentially play with (however many eye shadows you have in your kit)! Most days, I stick to plain ol’ black or brown, but using coloured shadow can be a fun pop, particularly against a more neutral palette of clothing. Here, I’ve used a combination of wet and dry shadow, first lining closely along the lash line with wet shadow and then softening the edge with dry shadow.


Products used: MAC small angled brush; Nars black single eye shadow (Night Breed); Nars purple single eye shadow (Santorini, no longer available. Similar)

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