Outfit: Blizzard Bound







Photo credit: David Potter

Outfit details:
Massimo Dutti knit poncho
Banana Republic white long-sleeved shirt
Citizens of Humanity jeans (Avedon cut)
Ugg boots (similar)
North Face winter coat
pearl earrings (gift from my mother)

Chicago had a blizzard recently (apparently the 5th worst in its history). David and I both love the snow—find it magical and enchanting and all those good things, so we had the brilliant idea to go romping around in the blizzard and take pictures in the snow. I’m not sure if I’ve ever experienced anything quite like it! The wind was blisteringly strong! Any exposed skin (largely our faces) were just pelted by tiny frozen nuggets of snow, and we actually huddled behind trees at certain points to escape the strong winds. It was pretty darn epic. In the midst of all the squinting into the wind, we did manage to capture a few photos of one of my favourite winter outfits. I just love having an oversized, turtleneck-line that you can just sink into. Simple, cozy, warm.

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