Statues and paintings and tapestries…oh my! – Day 13

Uffizi Gallery


As I’m horrible at keeping up with things, this will be a highly abbreviated summary of the day’s events. Today was the day for the Uffizi Gallery, and I had tickets booked for the afternoon. Before I went, I popped into the Bargello National Museum, which is primarily devoted to sculptures (one of my favourite art forms). After perusing its extensive sculpture collection, I headed to the Uffizi. Its collection was massive, though I was a bit sad that several sections were closed for renovations. I was able to glimpse at Botticelli’s famous work “The Birth of Venus”, amongst others. After I’d had my fill, I made my way back to the Piazza Santo Spirito, which happened to be having a lovely market. I admired the fresh produce, honey and cheese before escaping back to the apartment, as a thunderstorm opened up overhead. I went down the street to Vivanda again for dinner, which was a lovely meal of ravioli with lemon, thyme and blueberry. I also bought myself a bottle of their homegrown wine for the apartment. Yum!


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