SoHo – Day 2


David and I spent a tragic amount of the beautiful, warm, perfect-for-romping-about-New-York morning plugging away on final papers. Not able to bear the thought of spending all day in my hotel room, I skipped out to check-out SoHo, while David headed off to the first day of the CUNY conference. Clad in a bright red dress, I cheerfully made my way through the historic district with its cobblestone streets and lined with beautiful cast iron buildings. It was mostly upscale fare, but I didn’t mind noising about the high-end boutiques for a bit of window shopping. I meandered my way down Spring and Prince Streets and out to Broadway, which was bustling with tourists and shoppers alike. I popped into Cafe Bari for some fettuccine alfredo, lingering over my iPad as I edited one of my final papers. Sadly, I resigned myself to heading back to the hotel to get in some more work before dinner. I eventually met up with David and some folk from the conference at the Ginger Man, a pub close to the conference site. I feasted on a tasty twice-baked potato and cheesy hot dog, while David enjoyed his liquid diet (the pub has 70 beers on tap). After I’d had my fill of shop talk, I headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

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