Salt Spring Island getaway

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David and I came to the rather dismaying conclusion that we wouldn’t be doing hardly any traveling together this year. After the jam-packed travel schedule of 2010, this was a little disappointing. So, in honour of David’s 30th birthday, coupled with our desire to take at least one romantic getaway this year, we decided to head over to Salt Spring Island, one of B.C.’s Gulf Islands that we’d never visited.

Our first night we stayed at a beautifully-appointed bed and breakfast (Quarrystone House B&B), enjoying multiple delicious breakfast courses (including cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, salmon and cream cheese, etc.). The rain had come in just as we got to our B&B, so we stayed in, watching movies and enjoying our fabulous jacuzzi tub.

The Saturday Market was surprisingly big, with a host of artisans and farmers out with their products. We stopped by a French bakery stand, where David got to practice his French while ordering his quiche, along with 2 cheese makers (Moonstruck and Salt Spring Island Cheese, from whom we got some delicious goat cheese and blue cheese), a local coffee roaster (Mt. Maxwell Roasters), a shiitake mushroom-grower, amongst others. We sampled a tasty restaurant, Market Place Café, for both a mid-afternoon snack and later that same day for dinner. We sat at the bar and watched the chefs at work, enjoying scallops, pork belly and duck, along with some seriously good mashed potatoes. After a fairly drizzly weekend, the sun finally poked his head out the evening of our last day, and we were treated to some beautiful skies over the harbour. All in all, a wonderful romantic getaway!


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