And so it begins…

After several days of sporadic packing, cramming more than is truly necessary into our two suitcases, we went about our final flight checks to ensure most loose ends are tied up, so we can relax and enjoy our honeymoon at long last! Weather forecast claims to be largely sunny, hovering around the low to mid-twenties. Crossing our fingers for its accuracy (they were certainly accurate for our wedding day, much to our chagrin). Our itinerary has us moving around a fair bit, with a few stretches of (hopefully) peace and quiet…we start in Bordeaux for a few days, then move to St Emilion for a couple nights. From there, we rent a car and meander up through the Périgord region of France, stopping for a night in a windmill-cum-B&B. After that, we trek out to the middle of nowhere (the hamlet of Marteille), where we’ve rented a house for 4 days. Then, we take a jaunt down to Sarlat-la-Caneda for four nights, before driving up across France to the Loire region, where we make our way down the river from Tours to Cheverny and then driving back to Paris.

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