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A restful sojourn into wine country

Napa, California
So 4:30 in the morning isn’t really so bad, particularly if it means being reunited with one’s fiancé after a prolonged time apart. The parents were kind enough to drive me down to Bellingham Airport to fly down to Oakland on Allegiant Airlines (thanks Kyle for the recommendation). The airport is hilariously small, but it thankfully had ample seating, which is all one really needs at 5am when waiting for one’s flight. We were soon ushered across the blustery tarmac and onto the plane, where I discovered, much to my dismay, that it really was a kid’s flight. I was literally surrounded on all sides by families with small children. I put up my hood and hunkered down and blissfully slept for the duration of the flight. David met me at the airport (evidently Oakland is the 3rd most crime-ridden city in the US, and so I wasn’t to take any public transport). We were soon on our way to Napa, and I was glad to be with David again. After much fiddling with his mom’s GPS phone, we eventually found our way to the house where David’s mom had gotten married the previous night. It was quite the party, and David’s brother Spencer was down for the count (several bottles of champagne will do that to you). I was warmly greeted by D’s parents, grandparents and sister, who were soon regailing me of the previous night’s shenanigans. Apparently New Year’s in the US is football day, and the Rose Bowl was on the giant TV, and stayed that day for the rest of the afternoon. I spent much of the afternoon processing the pictures that D’s sister took of the wedding, fiddling with exposure and colour balance, so that they could get them up on Facebook in a timely manner. We ended up snacking for most of the day on leftover appetizers, baked brie and and pizza pockets. We ultimately popped in a movie I’d brought, Love Actually, which is always a sweet movie to end a night on.

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