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a little bit of Yorky goodness


It was a relatively quiet day spent in York. After breakfast, we headed out to see inside York Minster. While one can walk up to the top, we were feeling cheap and decided to just have a look around. The immensity of the minster from the outside should be a predictor of the vastness on the inside; however, it still is somewhat breath-taking when you look up at these soaring ceilings and massive stone columns with stained glass windows lining the walls. Part of the cathedral was closed off for a service, so we decided we’d come back later to check the rest out. It truly was a massive place (apparently the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe), and you couldn’t help but much sit and stare upwards in a quiet reverie. After we left the minster, we made our way down to the old York city walls and walked atop them around about half the city. It provided a nice view of parts of the city and was relatively quiet. We wandered around to Clifford’s Tower and continued on, back into the city centre, for a bite of lunch. We found a brasserie where D sampled a game pie (he really can’t resist if game is on the menu) and I had turkey and mashed potatoes. Pleasantly stuffed, we went back into the Minster to see the rest of it…lots of ornate woodwork and stained glass.

We went back to the B&B to gather our laundry and find a laundromat. Success was had about 15 minutes away, and we were soon sorted out with coins and soap, watching our clothes whirl away. I busied myself with writing postcards, while D caught up on some reading, until we dried and folded our clothes and headed back. Apparently, it was game day (Yorkshire vs. someone in football), and the stadium was just down the street from our B&B. You could hear the massive cheers walking back, and we were a bit concerned about all the soccer fans flooding the pubs, so we hurriedly put our laundry away and headed out to grab some food. We tried the Lamb and the Lion Inn, as D was eager to sample the Black Sheep ale (recommended by our B&B owner) and the local stout. As we’d had quite a hearty lunch, we sufficed with a cheese platter. D was thoroughly impressed with the stout, claiming that the flatness actually enhanced the flavour. We eventually made our way back to the B&B for the evening to get some work done; although, how much work was actually accomplished…

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