home is where the mess is

So after a couple months of traveling (Portland > Vancouver > Bangkok > Vancouver > Portland), we’ve finally come home…to stay, hopefully, for more than a week. For some reason, upon arrival in our much-missed apartment, I was overcome with the urge to conduct a better-late-than-never spring cleaning. In theory, it may have been motivated by the need to put away a new lot of recently purchased clothes, but I think I’ve been meaning to reorganize our room for some time. I was amazed at my ability to purge…I went through our chest of drawers and closets and managed to fill 3 garbage bags full of clothes to donate. While my mother may turn slightly pale at the thought of me giving away so much that I’ve bought (“what a waste”, she would say), there really is no justification for hoarding piles of clothing that I no longer have the inclination to wear, particularly when it could be put to better use. It is funny how the mess seems to just get moved around, however, since now that my clothes and part of my shoe collection have been organized, the other things that I had to move in order to organize my clothes appropriately, are now in random, disorganized piles  throughout the room. One would think that cleaning one area would only expedite the cleaning of another, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. sigh. There is much work to be done. Although, it may be said that my cleaning fervor is bolstered by a procrastinating force, avoiding other school-related work. ah well.

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